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Congratulations To Sena for Completion of Abcantra Abney Canine Training Tracking School

Sena tracking a deer track on a 20 hour test

Sena is a good tracking dog she loves to perform, she thinks it a game and it's fun. Sena now has her Level 1 UBT Blood tracking Certification and her Level 1 Search and Rescue Certification. We work with her on both human sent and blood tracks. If I don't have a deer leg or hide, I use any kind of blood I can get to lay tracks. I make the practice tracks about a 1000 yards with four or five turns or more. I like to have tracks age for 10 to 20 hours before we start working them. When we are working on a human track we don't let them age that long. We will have the track layer leave hat or a shirt behind and take off and go hide in the woods or the field next door and call on the cell when their ready. I have no idea which way they went and have to trust Sena all the way, so far she has done very well up past 95% on the finds. I would like to get her started on Silver Alerts to find lost Seniors, or people with cognitive impairments

Sena has completed the track and has her hide

Tracking Links and Organizations and Kennels

Oak Hill Catahoulas
Kyle Duncan owner and breeder of Catahoula Leopard dogs Tracker both blood and search and Rescue and basic trainer

Ken Parker's Bavarian Mountain Hounds
Ken has a great site, a lot of good information and experience to share

United Blood Trackers

National organization formed to promote the use of tracking dogs.

John Jeanneney
Tracking Dogs for Finding Wounded Deer

Deer Search Inc.
Tracking Organization based out of New York. Some very good information about tracking dogs can be found on this web site.

Illinois Trackers
Henry Holt's web site for his Madison county based tracking service.

Texas Trackers
Good source of info on tracking wounded deer with dogs in Texas.

Member of the United Blood Trackers